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General Info

A collection of thoughts that doesn't fit onto any other page.

One thing that really surprised me was the overall lack of insects on the islands. I think I saw a bee on one island. I started scratching in the Fisher Pond house. It stopped when we left. I don't know what that was all about.

We decided to use zip ties for all the locks. Mostly as a just in case, as I didn't want them to kill my locks.

I couldn't find shells at any beach we went to. It could be that people scooped them up. Or maybe the boats push them all away. Either way there were no shells, wood, nothing to bring back home. The beaches weren't white or pink either. Maybe somewhere far off it's that color, but all the sand looked beige to me. It was clean though.

If you look into the ocean, I saw this mostly when we went to Montserrat, flying fish can be seen. I dismissed it at first as being a dragonfly. From my window on the 9th floor, it looked small. I say they were at least a foot long. They flew in schools, about 100ft then hit a wave and were gone again. Silver in color, they do really fly, I saw one make a right angle. I really wish I took a picture or movies of it. Problem is, you don't know where they'll pop up next, and it's hard to focus on a moving target. Good for video cameras with a good zoom. At some points I could see 20 at a time. But they may be 10 minutes apart. By the time I turn on the camera, they would be gone. But if you go, keep an eye out for these neat looking fish.

Bring some ginger with you. It helps calm a stomach down. It won't help for the sea-sickness though.

For Sea-sickness look for remedies now. The doctor gave Bonine, but their may be better things that are easy to use. The doctor isn't open all the time.

You may notice like I did that the waiters and so forth around the boat suddenly become very nice. In the Wind Jammer for instance, one person kept asking me how I like the stuff, if I needed help. I was getting cake, there isn't much help needed. Not sure what she wanted. Waiters would start small talk with you. This is how I expected the whole trip to be like. But only in the middle, around Wednesday. A moment when you remember the most. We were actually going to tip him, as he sounded the most happy there. But he wasn't there on tipping day.

The head waiter makes more of an appearance too. He gutted my lobster, and shrimp. He's the prominent voice for Happy Birthday. Later on he pours the wine.

The overall impression of the staff was that they were way overworked. Though they would greet you in the hall with a smile, and a hello. It seemed very forced.

I was sick, so I wasn't able to take all the pictures I wanted. I only wound up taking around 4000 pictures. I would have taken more at night, or at St. Lucia, but we never went there.

Do bring medicine with you. I'm really happy I brought the Day-Quill with me. It came in real handy. The Ni-Quill however, all poured out in the bag. The bag is lined in plastic, but the cap was a tiny bit loose. That combined with the pressure in the plane, pushed all the medicine out. So do be sure to tighten all caps. Bring the medicine cup, and a spoon if you need it. Searching for one late at night can be a real hassle.

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