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The Colony Club

After the Schooner bar there is this club, yet another bar is here. In case you were still thirsty from the Schooner bar about 30 feet away.

This has some wonderful woodwork. The items together though, looked like a furniture show case you would normally see in the store. A tacky couch, with fancy dark wood, big screen TV's, playing sports. On one the side, self leveling pool tables. On the other side is where the Bingo is held. You can see where you've been by looking out of the back of the boat. The day I went here - we were last in water.

The entrance

We are entering now The Colony Club. This brings up a funny story. My uncle told me about them, and I later saw them in the dining room. A husband and wife team. He held the video camera, she narrated. Every place they went to, walked to, etc, camera attached to face, description out spoken out loud.


Big plastic tacky dome on the ceiling decorates the ceiling.

Looks like a show room

Looks like a furniture showcase doesn't it? I felt very out of place here. This was the only room that didn't have that boat theme to it.

Pool Tables

Sorry for the partial moon there. At least it's covered. It was one of the better shot's of the table, mostly because he's blocking a large glaring window. The table moves opposite the waves. The ball is always level because of that. Watching it move is a bit much though. Leaning on the table must be interesting. There are two tables to play with.

Pool Table Sign

You should be able to read that pretty well. This is how the table works.

Sitting Area

Lot's of places to sit here. Tables and such as well. This is the nook that faces the bingo area.


Isn't that a great looking cabinet? I never did check to see if the drawers opened. Near as I can tell, this thing is here only for decoration.


A few more tables, you can see the Bingo in the background.

Sitting and bar

This is the back wall overlooking nothing.

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