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Outside - Main Pool

This is the place to be if you want to see what kind of people should not be seen in a skimpy bathing suit. Trust me, there were very few show stoppers in this crowd. In some cases it was like dressing up an old hand bag. bleah...

Anyway, this is THE place to soak up the rays, to a nice golden red. I personally find this to be the most mindless boring thing to do on an expensive trip like this. Couldn't you soak up the rays at any pool?

Ton's of seats - all reserved. That's what the library books are for by the way. However, though you might seem to be starting trouble - if there are no shoes by that seat with the book or towel by it, throw it off. No one is allowed to reserve chairs. And the pool gardians float around, if there is trouble, let them deal with it. People come in early in the morning just to do this, it's not fair at all.

There are towels there for those who need it, but they go fast. There is a towel hamper to get rid of the damp ones.

The pool is drained every night, and is filled with salt water. The Hot tubs, are fresh water, but very chlorinated. It took about 4 washings to remove the smell. There is a shower provided, to wash yourself off before and after.

Looking out in the pool deck

Underneath, looking out to the pool.

Pool Deck

We're outside now. Clear blue skies. The outdoor pool is always packed. To the left and upper left are the bars.

Totem Pole

The totem is out of place. But we decided that it has something to do with the Alaska cruises they take. Though a little chilly to be in the pool at that time.

Ugly Radiance sign

A rather ugly Radiance sign, birds are cute though.


At night it looks really nice. The pool was open, but the tubs were not. You can see the net's they put over them. They may just be cleaning them.


They use colored lights for dramatic effect. This by the way kills most chances of star gazing. The nights are clear, but you have to be at the back, perferably in your own room to really see anything. In my room, the one night that I was able to just sit, I actually saw a shooting star, neat!


There's lot's of empty seats now.


You are allowed to swim at night, but at your own risk. The pool has an immediate shallow section and then a deeper section. I was never in the pool, I never felt well enough to even sit in that. But I imagine that the combo they have, it would be nice to sit and soak your legs. Normally you sit on the outside of a pool, you cut the circulation off in your legs due to the edge of the pool. In this shot you can see a few people ready to swim, and both bars. I think the pools all look this way to prevent sloshing.


This give's you an idea of the chair layout. Most of them are closed, as they act like sails. It get's really windy up here. If it was day, this shot would be impossible, too many people above and below. As it is, I'm braced on the rail.


The stair case leading up to the sky bar. Why be drunk on one level, when you can be drunk on two?

Kiddie Pool Closed

Kiddie Pool Open

This is the kiddie pool. Night verses day. At night they put a net over it, and drain it. In day, they use it of course. For the most part the main pool for the kids is tiny. You can check the scale with that lady on the side.

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