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The Schooner Bar

There are just too many bars on this boat. Some are basic generic bars, a simple counter. Other's like this one is a whole room. No food, just liquid. The menu was on the main food page.


This is the main entrance. Because it was still near Christmas, there was a massive gingerbread display leftover.

Schooner bar hall

Taken from the other side of the entrance. Sorry for the slant. Inside this hallway is a boat like shape on the wall and ceiling. The walls are decorated in rope knots, and cannons. The cannons are scented in gun powder, it's quite an awful smell, I had trouble breathing, and it burned my eyes.

Bar sitting

A cute little boat motif in the center. There are still life's attached to the walls, all with that nautical theme. Large boat models behind glass can be seen here as well. This is one of the rooms where they hold demonstrations. While we were here there was a "making of a ribbon rose" class. Not a single guy in that crowd.

Bar lounge

Almost every room has that compass star in it. The room is wrapped in glass, I didn't sit down, but they look comfortable.

Bar table

Another fine show of craftsmanship, a small table measuring about 20" wide, very nice.

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